Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

AAUW Gloucester County Area

Meeting Notes Organization of Afternoon Book Group

Nov. 11, 2019

Attending: Shirley, Maria, Annie, Jen G., Carole, Lauren, Connie L, Connie P., Jan S., Janice G., Sue D., Judy

These are the decisions that were made:

1.       Both groups, evening and afternoon, will read the same books this year.  We will decide later in the year whether this is working.

2.      Afternoon group will meet on the same Friday that the night group meets at 1:00 PM in a member’s home.
3.      Very simple food is requested.  One item such as cookies, fruit, crackers and cheese.
4.      Maria will send out one email for both groups.  You are asked to respond to the hostess of the group you are planning on attending.

5.      The person who recommended the book will facilitate one group and can assist the facilitator chosen by the other group by sharing questions and other information.

6.      The first afternoon group will meet on Jan. 3rd at Connie Parent’s home at 1 PM.Maria, the coordinator of the book groups, expressed her desire that everyone have an equal opportunity to have a book recommendation chosen.  Therefore, please only bring one or two suggestions to the Dec. meeting.

Books for the year will be chosen at the meeting on Friday, Dec. 6th.  Members are encouraged to think about which month they can host.

Afternoon hostesses for the first few months are:

Jan.                  Connie L.
Feb.                 Helen
March             Jan S.
April                Carole S.
May                 Janice G.
June                 Shirle

Sept. 25, 2019

Meeting was called to order by President, Jen Grenier.  Jen announced that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary of our founding by Pam Buchanan and Maggie Nettleton. Pam and Maggie shared the story of the beginning of AAUW of Gloucester County Area.

Maggie introduced two young women who attended Tech Trek camp last summer.  They each shared their experiences and thanked the group for the opportunity to attend.

Annie presented the treasurer’s report.  As of the 25th we have $4,606 in our account.  There are 35 members. There was a discussion about paying for fundraisers even if the member does not attend the event.  Annie suggested we changed the way we pay for events to an annual fixed fee.  There will be further discussion at the Jan. meeting.

Committee Chairs made the following reports:

Coming of Age, Oct. 1st.  Chris Smith and Pam Buchanan will be honored.  G. chair.  Committee members Annie, Shirley, Brenda, Judy.

Woodstock Party, Oct. 4th.  It’s on.  Bring pixs, food, and beverage.  By ballot at our June meeting we decided this event would be a fund raiser.  Sue D. chair.  Committee members Pam B., Pam C., Annie, Jen, Connie B.

Singles Suppers – There have been two both of which were well attended.  The next supper will be at Shirley’s home.   Sue D. chair.

Sunshine program is working well.  Members are better informed and doing a great job of sending cards.  As a reminder, we send fruit baskets as is appropriate.  Jen G. chair.

Jen has updated our website and created a Facebook page.  To join Facebook, send a friend request to Jen.  To view the member’s only section of the web site, the password is Gloucester$1.

Collection for Food Bank at Rowan students will take place at book group meetings.  Dorie G. chair.

Tech Trek was very successful.  In order to continue next year we will need a new coordinator.  Sara will serve as an advisor. Sara reviewed the process and the jobs needing to be completed.  A sign-up sheet was circulated.  Sara  2019 chair.

A sign-up sheet was circulated for an afternoon book group.

The discussion for the remainder of the evening was about activities and programs for next year.  Sue Q. has the notes and the details.

Respectfully submitted by Sue Dixon, Secretary

Scroll down page for January 2019 minutes.

June 14, 2019

Meeting Minutes for Gloucester County AAUW

President Jen Grenier opened the meeting with a brief review of the previous year.  She reminded everyone of Alice Paul Night in Suffrage White, August 24, 6-8 pm.$20 is due to Susan Quemore by June 21 or tonight!

September Gathering

Sue Dixon volunteered to chair this planning committee.Luci Nurkowski will host the event with her husband, Paul. The date is the Saturday after Labor Day, September.  The theme is Woodstock Revisited. The planning committee will to meet in July choose the menu, activity and décor. A signup sheet for the committee was passed around.

The group voted by ballot that the event will be a fundraiser and members will bring the refreshments. The committee will decide on the price.

Coming of Age Celebration

Inductees this year are Chris Smith and Pam Buchanan. The date will be in October.  A signup sheet was circulated for the planning committee.

Singles Supper Group

Sue Dixon suggested the new interest group.  It will be a supper hosted by members who are single, defined as living alone.  An evening of games will follow the meal.  A signup sheet was circulated.  Sue will be in touch with interested, eligible members very soon.

Treasure’s Report

Janice Gowland presented the report.  We have a healthy balance of $4,254.56 after expenses.

Thanks to the diligence of Jen and Janice we have been granted status of nonprofit.  This is important for tax purposes.

Membership Report

Connie LaBelle reported we welcomed two new members, Lauren Kaltwasser and Connie Parent.

Food Bank Update

Dorie Gilchrist reported on the success of our involvement with the food bank at Rowan University. In our third year, we make substantial donations of food and toiletries twice a year.  Chris S. volunteers but reports there is not a big need for more volunteers. Pam B. suggested we explore other ways we can help students in need.

Tech Trek Update

Sara McClain reported a successful year.  Please see attached report.  To facilitate the process next year, Pam B. and Judy will identify the right person to contact in each school.  Sara will serve as chair next year, but will step aside if someone else would like to take the job on.


Aimee Burgin presented her report.  Please see it attached to these meeting minutes. As per the January 19th business meeting we voted to discontinue awarding local scholarships and to donate as follows:

  1. $1100.00 to the Alice Paul Institute. This amount will sponsor four girls to attend the APPI summer program.
  2. $2,000 to the National Education Foundation
  3. The remaining $900.00 would be awarded locally. We gave the donation to Tech Trek.

Aimee also reported that $1,000 was awarded to a Rowan graduate student from funds that were allocated many years ago by the now defunct original AAUW of Gloucester County.  About $11,000 to $12,000 remain in that account.

Sunshine Fund Report

Jennifer reported that support for our members going through difficult times has increased.  Pam B. and Janice expressed their appreciation of the support they received.

Book Group

There has been talk of forming a second Book Group to meet in the afternoon. We will decide at our September meeting if this is something we want to do.

Officers for 2019-2020

Nominated by Sue Dixon and elected for new terms of 2 years:

  1. Vice President of Membership: Connie LaBelle Second by Maria
  2. Vice President of Programs: Susan Quemore Second by Brenda

Retiring as treasurer after nine years of service, Janice Gowland.

Nominated and elected to serve out remaining one year of Janice’s term: Annie Lovett

Continuing to serve as elected officials: Sue Dixon, secretary and Jennifer Grenier, president

Continuing to serve in voluntary positions: Carole Scofield (she has been doing this job for around 20 years), newsletter and Luci and Paul Nurkowski, Directory

Concluding their terms: Program Chairs: Pam Buchanan and Sara McClain

Jennifer thanked all of those who worked to make our year so successful.  There were many rounds of applause from the members.



Brunch and Business Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2019

A.  Welcome: Jennifer Grenier

The Gloucester County AAUW met Saturday, January 19, 2019 at the home of Sara McClain for a lovely potluck brunch, business meeting, and “white elephant” gift exchange.  Jennifer Grenier, President, opened the business meeting with a welcome to the members. Present were: Judy Balliere, Shirley Beleff, Helen Bicket, Connie Bradley, Maria Brent, Cathy Brettman, Pam Buchanan, Aimee Burgin, Melanie Caron, Lynda Carpenito, Pam Corrigan, Lindsay Dmytro, Dori Gilchrist, Janice Gowland, Jennifer Grenier, Kathleen Herbert, Annie Lovett, Brenda Marlin, Sara McClain, Esther Mummert, Maggie Nettleton, Luci Nurkowski, Susan Quemore, Carole Scofield, and Chris Smith.


B.  Treasure’s ReportJanice Gowland

  1. Balance- We ended 2018 with a balance of $6,163.
  2. Status of Nonprofit application: We were informed in September that we had lost our 501c3 status because the national AAUW had failed to submit our information.  The president and treasurer were requested to complete a new application.  The national AAUW has paid our $600 application fee.  To date all information was accepted and it is currently being processed.  We should hear by mid-March of the results.


C.  Membership Report – Connie LaBelle

We welcomed three new members in 2018: Helen Bickett, Cathie Brettman and Melanie Caron.  Each new member shared a bit about themselves.


D.  Food Bank UpdateDorie Gilchrist

Dorie reported that the Rowan Food Bank, which is now in its third year, has doubled its number of users and is now also providing students with nonfood items.  Students with a Rowan ID card may use the Food Bank once a week and fill up one hand basket of items.  The Bank is open M-F including class breaks.  The students have been VERY grateful for the Food Bank’s support of their education.

Chris Smith reported on her work at the Food Bank.  The volunteer job is for two hour periods.  Chris has sorted donations and worked the front desk, usually working with the director and sometimes with another volunteer.  Dorie will be sending our members the application for volunteering there if they wish to join Chris.


The Way Forward Planning


  1. Sunshine Committee Proposals – Jennifer Grenier, Chairperson


a.  When a member has a negative significant life event, she is to notify the president or                     a  friend of hers, who then will notifies the president.

The president will then pass along the information to the members along with the                          person’s address and contact information. Members are asked to send a text, email or                  written note to the member thus showering her with caring!

A motion was made to accept proposals a and b by Maria Brent that was seconded by Carole Scofield.

Vote: Passed unanimously

b. In the event of the death of a member, her spouse, significant other, children or                             grandchildren (immediate family) , in addition to a card etc. from members our                               chapter will send a gift basket of fruits and breads, platters of meats, cheeses and/or                     vegetables or provide a donation to a charity designated by the bereaved. The actual                     remembrances will be determined by the Sunshine Committee (currently consisting of                     Jennifer Grenier, Maria Brent, and Lindsey Dmytro) up to $80, which will come from our                     treasury.  If you would like to join this committee please contact Jennifer

A motion to accept proposal c was made by Maria Brent seconded by Pam Buchanan

Vote: Passed unanimously

 Fall Gathering (FG) Proposal –Luci Nurkowski, Chairperson 

            a.  Eliminate the “sit down dinner” approach to this event, in favor of providing appetizers and desserts with limited table seating available.

b. Create a robust planning committee that would go beyond the menu to plan theme,                     activity and décor.  The event might include memorabilia, music, costumes, photo                         booth, and trivia contest.  The Fall Gathering proposal committee suggests the theme                  of 50th Anniversary of Woodstock for the 2019 event.  The chosen theme would,                              however, be up to the FG planning committee.

 A motion made to accept both proposals a and b by Maggie Nettleton and seconded by Sara McClain

Vote: Passed unanimously

Location for Fall Gathering –Luci Nurkowski has volunteered to host this event. We will have a committee signup sheet at the June business meeting.

  1. Scholarship Thoughts – Aimee Burgin, Chairperson

The committee reported that:

a.  The number of scholarship applications has fallen about 50% over the last 3-4 years.

b.  The awardees are at the top of their class with high SATs.

c.  We have a difficult time getting non-traditional women to apply despite that the Rowan advisers and staff are informing students of the opportunity. One year we had no non-traditional applicant at all.

d.  This past year one recipient had not cashed her check for $1000 in six months until she was tracked down and informed it would be invalid soon if she did not cash it. She did.

e.  We seldom get a thank you for the scholarships.

FYI:  The current scholarship process:  The chairperson sends out letters to all the guidance offices in the Gloucester County high schools as well as putting the application is on our website.  The applications have a deadline.  The scholarship committee then reviews all the applications to select the recipients.  The chairperson then sends out an award letter and check to the senior and notifies the high school of their recipient.

The Scholarship committee made the following proposals:

a.  We discontinue our scholarship program and place the money elsewhere.

After discussion and a motion to discontinue the scholarship program was made by Aimee Burgin, seconded by Connie Bradley. The unanimous vote was to discontinue our scholarship program.

b. Proposals to what our Gloucester County AAUW would support:

 Proposal 1. We award 50% of our raised funds (usually between $3,000-6,000) to the National AAUW for use for the:

i. Legal Advocacy Fund

ii. Education Fund

iii. Justice for Women

iv. Research

v. Workshop for Leadership Skill

vi. Tech Trek

The Scholarship Committee would meet annually to make the recommendation as to which fund(s) to which we would contribute.  The final decision would be made at the June business meeting.

A motion was made to accept this proposal by Cathy Brettman and seconded by Susan Quemore. 

The motion was approved unanimously.

Proposal 2: Our chapter would provide scholarships @$275 this year for 4 high school girls to attend the Alice Paul Professional Leadership Institute (APPLI) College & Careers Program as described below.

(Teen girls will prepare for their futures in the APPLI  program. This dynamic four-day program includes college campus and workplace visits to meet female professionals at area companies. Girls participate in workshops on the college application process, gain interviewing skills, and learn how to finance their college education. They also talk about how to choose the right (and realistic) school that matches your goals, develop their resume, refine their business etiquette and more. The last day of each program features a networking practice session with professional women from a variety of fields and interests.  This is a life-changing program for teen girls!
The APPLI program takes place at Paulsdale (128 Hooten Rd., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054). API provides bus travel for all of the field-trips to college campuses and workplaces. Participants will be required to wear business professional clothing each day. Girls should bring a lunch each day but API will provide snacks, a light breakfast, and other refreshments throughout the day. API also provides all participants with a tote-bag, folder, and business cards.)

A motion was made to accept Proposal 2 by Pam Buchanan and seconded by Dorie Gilchrist. 

The motion was approved unanimously.

Update from Susan Quemore: I talked with the Alice Paul Institute and they would be thrilled to have our support for the APPLI this summer.   When I asked how they reach out for applicants, I was told that they do an E-Blast and also news releases.  I indicated that we would be partial to helping Gloucster Co girls, she said that we could request news releases in the paper(s) of our choice.

Proposal 3: The balance of our funds would be awarded TBD possibly for NJ Tech Trek, sponsoring a college student for the AAUW leadership conference.  Ideas and the choice would be made at our June business meeting.

A motion was made to accept Proposal 3 by Aimee Burgin and seconded by Mel Caron. 

The motion was approved unanimously.

 4.  Tech Trek Update Sara McClain, Chairperson

As of our meeting, 18 Gloucester County Middle Schools had been contacted by our team of 8: Sara McClain, Maria Brent, Kathleen Herbert, Maggie Nettleton, Carole Scofield, Judy Baillere and Susan Quemore to nominate girls for the Tech Trek STEM program at Stockton College this summer.  Guidance counselors and teachers have been contacted.  Connie Bradley, a former principal, suggested contacting the superintendents too.  Sara did this following our meeting.  The deadline for nominations is February 1.  To date we have three nominations.  The next step will be for the nominees to apply.  Our Tech Trek team will be contacting the nominees to help them apply if needed.  Their applications are due March 1st.  Team members will then interview the nominees for selection.  The number of nominations will determine how many girls we may select.

*A final count of nominations was six.

  1. Spring Fling Plans – April 13
    1. Appetizers – Pam Buchanan
    2. Desserts- Judy Baillere
  2. Dates to remember-
    1. January Book Group    January 25 Becoming– Michelle Obama
    2. February 12 – Positive Aging Luncheon
    3. February 23 Reader’s Theater, Judy Baillere’s 1:00 or 1:30 PM, “Ginger and Spice…..”
    4. February 22 Book Group- 19 Minutes, Jodi Picoult – Sara McClain
    5. March 12- Positive Aging Luncheon
    6. March 29 Book Group- Before We Were Yours, Lisa Wingate- Susan Quemore
    7. Game Night?
    8. April 9 – Positive Aging Luncheon
    9. April 13 Spring Fling
    10. April 17 Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday
    11. April 26 – Book Group – The Library Book, Susan Orlean – Judy Baillere
    12. May 14- Positive Aging Luncheon
    13. May Grounds for Sculpture
    14. May 31 – Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens – Connie Bradley
    15. June  14 End of Year Dinner
    16. June 28 Book Group – Unsheltered, Barbara Kingsolver – Kathleen Herbert
    17. August – Alice Paul Women’s Equity Pop-Up Picnic
    18. Adjournment
    19. Desserts and Recycling Gift Exchange